Take Root

Trees in Trouble (filming now)

Trees in Trouble tells the story of America's urban and community forests: their history, their growing importance to our health, economy and environment - and the serious threats they now face. Through stories of everyday people on the frontlines of change, the film will show how community-wide efforts can save and protect our urban forests for future generations. Designed for audiences of all ages, Trees in Trouble inspires viewers to take action, and points towards first steps..

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Art as Action

Art as Action: A Conversation with Abstract Expressionist Painter Gloria Torrice

Art As Action explores the story of women Abstract Expressionist painters through the story of Andrea Torrice's mother, Gloria Torrice. Talented and rebellious, Gloria and a group of women artists rented a cold water loft together in NYC and devoted themselves to creating new artwork that challenged conventions in visual arts, gender roles, politics and society.

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Rising Waters: 2013 Update

Andrea Torrice’s national public television documentary, Rising Waters: Global Warming and the Fate of the Pacific Islands, follows Pacific Islanders on a journey through several of the smallest nations on earth, showing what they believe are the first signs of global warming. It interweaves the portraits of four people from the islands of Samoa, Kiribati, the Republic of the Marshall Islands and Fiji into the larger international discussion over what to do about global warming. The program also discusses the potential impact of climate change of the island of Manhattan.

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Arab American Stories

A clip from PBS's upcoming Arab American Stories series airing November 6th, 2012. The segment profiles the story of a Jordanian family from Southern Ohio.

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A Crack in the Pavement

The New Metropolis: A Crack in the Pavement

The New Metropolis is a pair of films that document some of the implications of our suburban migration. Both films illustrate how the plight of first suburbs is critical to the overall health of our metropolitan areas. A Crack In the Pavement unravels the national infrastructure and regional land use policy debate through the stories of two first suburban public officials from southern Ohio. Starting with a short history of Eisenhower era policies, the program chronicles some of the policy issues that prevent revitalization. The film then points towards possible solutions through balanced growth and regional cooperation strategies.

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New Neighbors

The New Metropolis: The New Neighbors

The New Metropolis is a pair of films that document some of the implications of our suburban migration. Both films illustrate how the plight of first suburbs is critical to the overall health of our metropolitan areas. The New Neighbors tells the inspiring story of two ordinary people, one black and one white, who made racial integration the centerpiece of revitalizing Pennsauken New Jersey, a first suburban town of Philadelphia and Camden, New Jersey. Working with an integration specialist, the documentary shows how the town council and residents implemented a unique strategy of “stable integration” in their housing market. Pennsauken has become one of the most vibrant, integrated towns in the country.

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Building a New Metropolis

Building a New Metropolis: Denver, Colorado

Developers often complain that while urban infill development projects seem attractive, they are economically unviable. Developer Jonathan Rose takes a different view. In this video, he demonstrates that green and equitable projects can also be profitable and beautiful. The Highlands’ Garden Village development project in Denver is an example.

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Building a New Metropolis: Gary, Indiana

Building a New Metropolis: Gary, Indiana

This webisode tells the story of the decline of one of America’s great industrial cities—Gary, Indiana—and its connection to the suburbs that have grown up around it. Ordinary citizens, such as Reverend Cheryl Rivera of the Interfaith Federation of Northwest Indiana, are working to rebuild these cities and inner ring suburbs in the face of enormous challenges.

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California Story

The New Metropolis: The California Story

Work in Progress: The New Metropolis Episode 3: The California Story
(Anticipated release date: June 2014)
Despite the international and national policy stalemate on global warming policy, and the mounting scientific evidence, this episode will examine the bold steps activists and policymakers are taking in California to mitigate global warming impacts-and at the same time build more sustainable, just, and vibrant communities. Featuring Jerry Brown, Carl Anthony and others.

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Bernard’s Story

When a recent high school graduate and star athlete was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in the fall of 2010, the residents of the small town of Reading, Ohio came together to take a stand for justice. This is the story of what happens when ordinary people do extraordinary things.

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Forsaken Cries

Forsaken Cries: The Story of Rwanda

In 1994, close to one million people were killed in a planned and systematic genocide in the African country of Rwanda, the largest systematic murder of a single race since the Holocaust. How did this carnage occur when the world declared after WWII that it would never tolerate such mass murder again? Who was responsible? Why did the international community fail to respond? This sensitively filmed documentary attempts to answer these questions.

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