The field of law is one of the most interesting fields of study, mostly because it has lots of interesting issues to research. However, the fact that it has a lot of issues to research also poses some problems to several students preparing their legal research papers. The hardest part of writing a legal research paper is deciding upon a topic worth investigating on paper. But, once a student has chosen a topic, we wouldn’t say the rest is “easy” because the idea of exploring gets exciting. Researching a legal issue requires understanding its background, tracing the legislation history, consulting legal scholars’ professional opinions, and developing suggestions.

Writing a Legal Research Paper: Legal Research Paper Outline

Legal research papers follow the typical academic writing style, including an introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. Proper structuring is important in legal research paper writing; it is what distinguishes a good academic writer from a generic writer. A good legal research paper format should include:

  • Introduction: This part is crucial to the success of your paper because these are the first words your readers will read after your topic. It should clearly state your thesis or research problem and define the query’s scope. Your paper’s introduction serves as a foundation for further consideration; don’t attempt to develop your argument here.
  • Main Body: This is the focal point of your legal research paper and its most extensive part. You will divide this part into sections, with each section beginning with a heading and purpose. The main body should contain paragraphs, each one starting with a topic sentence and ending with a concluding sentence. The paper body should answer the research question or problem.
  • Conclusion: The legal research paper conclusion summarizes the main points discussed in the main body. It shouldn’t consist of sentences or phrases copied from the introduction or main body, and you shouldn’t introduce new arguments.

10 Tips on How to Write a Legal Research Paper

These tips should guide you in writing standard, impressive, and A-worthy legal research writing:

  1. Ensure you understand what your instructor, professor, or lecturer expects from the paper.
  2. Choose a topic that is as specific as possible; avoid generic topics.
  3. The least fun part of academic writing is research, but it is one of the most crucial parts, so take your time here.
  4. Develop an outline and let it be detailed, but don’t overdo it; stick with the main points that support your thesis.
  5. Have a detailed but short and precise background; it should only cover about one-third of the paper.
  6. Let go of your classroom knowledge for now; deconstruct it.
  7. Most parts of your paper should include thorough, rigorous analysis.
  8. Read through your writing and criticize it thoroughly; don’t take it easy on yourself.
  9. Let your conclusion be perfect; summarize and emphasize your findings’ significance.
  10. Be willing to make large-scale changes to your paper, ensuring you fully develop all your ideas.

Legal Topics for Research Paper

Got a legal research paper to write, but no topic is forthcoming? Here are some legal paper topics worth researching on:

Interesting Legal Research Paper Topics

  1. Does science help in crime investigation: how?
  2. Classical criminology theories
  3. Steps in criminal justice research
  4. How to deal with gang crimes
  5. What connection is there between crime and mental illness?

Legal Issues Research Paper Topics

  1. Rules and regulations in organ donation
  2. Legal regulations and morality of abortion
  3. Challenges of code-based ethics
  4. Differences and similarities between European and American criminal law
  5. Religious crimes in developed countries

In conclusion, the notion that the term “research” gives many students is that it is too daunting. Eight out of ten students believe research is meant for academicians and theoreticians, but that’s farfetched. You can write a brilliant legal research paper; you only have to learn it the way you learn everything else.

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